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Welcome to the EURHISFIRM Wikibase!

Please note that all content on this website is temporary and is wiped regularly. This is a sandbox instance using a small sample of data from the DFIH and SCOB databases as well as metadata from external sources.


EURHISFIRM is a H2020-funded project to design a world-class research infrastructure to collect, merge, extract, collate, align and share detailed historical high-quality firm level data for Europe.

Wikibase for EURHISFIRM

Wikibase is the solution currently explored for a collaborative environment able to address the needs of EURHISFIRM. All the source code of this work – past, present and future – is accessible on the repositories at this address:

Quick intro to Wikibase

Wikibase is the main piece of software powering the Wikidata project, a relatively recent sister project of Wikipedia. Wikidata is to structured data what Wikipedia is to raw, unstructured content. A Wikibase instance such as EurHisFirms’s or Wikidata consists mainly of items, each uniquely identified by an identifier and having a label, a description and any number of aliases in as many languages as needed.

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